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Guidelines, Forms & Logos

SFB860 Guidelines

The file below contains the most important guidelines of SFB860, regarding the rules for recruitment, investment, purchase of consumables, publications and invitation of guest speakers to SFB860 colloquia.

File: Richtlinien

Procedure for Business Trip Reimbursement

Please notice: the forms for travel reimbursement depend on your employer. The forms differ between employees of

  • University (including UMG)
  • Max-Planck-Institute

1.Business trip application
At least two weeks before the departure date of your business trip, applicant should estimate the approximate expenses and send a filled and signed form (s.below) to the SFB 860 secretary office per post. The applicant will get a copy of the approved travel request. The original form will keep in the SFB 860 secretary office for further procedure.

University & MPI: Business trip application (Dienstreiseantrag)

2. Travel reimbursement
After the business trip, the applicant should fill and sign one of the forms below (dependent on the employer) with original invoices as hotel bills, conference fee, travel tickets including boarding cards, etc.) and send it to SFB 860 secretary office per post.

Please pay attention to following items:

  • The hotel bill must start with Georg-August-Universität in the address field, otherwise we cannot pay the invoice.
  • For using taxi during your trip we need a justification. However, the reason of “bad weather” is not accepted.
  • Applicant is allowed to have 5 extra work days along with the business trip as private trip. However, if applicants have more than 5 work days as private trip, she/he needs to pay for the route flight. The expenses for the private trip are definitely paid by applicant her/himself.
  • For online payment, applicants must attach the related bank/credit card statement .

University: Business trip reimbursement form (Dienstreiseantrag) | Example in English
MPI: Business trip reimbursement form(Dienstreiseantrag) | Example

3. Early reimbursement before business trip

Applicant can apply for the  reimbursement before the trip when the following conditions are fulfilled:

    • Some payments for the trip have already been done
    • Paid amount The total amount is over 200 Euro

Then applicant can use one of the forms below (dependent on the employer)and attach the original receipts and bank/credit card statements (details s. 2.)

After it is approved, applicant can get 80% of the applied amount. After the trip is over, applicant can get the rest 20% along with the other expense listed on the Business trip expense form. (Procedure and form s.2.)

University: Request for early reimbursement before business trip | Example in English
MPI: Request for early reimbursement before business trip

Hosting cost

Please use following form for business entertainment (Gästebewirtung) and attach the original receipt with the name of the participants (guest and host).

Please note we can only reimburse 25 Euro / person including drinks.

File: Auslagenerstattung Bewirtungskosten

All the up-to-date forms can be found through the following link: http://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/12770.html
Feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding the application.

SFB 860 Logos

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