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SFB860 Symposium

SFB860 Symposium 2017
location: Tagungshaus "Alte Mensa", Wilhelmsplatz 3, 37073 Göttingen

Thursday, June 8 
14:00		Nicholas Thomä (FMI, Basel) 	
			CRL ubiquitin ligases: taming a protein destruction machine 
14:45		Gerhard Braus (Göttingen) 
			Dynamics of the fungal COP9 signalsomome and lid protein complexes 
15:15		Frauke Melchior (ZMBH, Heidelberg) 	
			The RanBP2 complex - a multifunctional machine at nuclear pores 
16:00		Coffee Break 
16:30		Sonja Lorenz (Univ. Würzburg) 	
			Conformational regulation of the ubiquitin ligase HUWE1 
17:15		Lena Munzel (Göttingen) 
			Structure and molecular function of the yeast PROPPIN Atg21 	
18:00		Poster Session 

Friday, June 9 
09:00		Tamir Gonen (Janelia, Ashburn) 	
			MicroED opens a new era for biological structure determination 
09:45		Michael Habeck (Göttingen) 	
			Integrative modeling of biomolecular structures 
10:15		Filippo Favretto (Göttingen) 	
			The dynamic nature of Tim50 a key component of the TIM23 complex 
10:45		Coffee Break 
11:15		Jürgen Wienands (Göttingen) 	
			The scaffold protein CIN85 assembles intracellular signal microcluster for the activation of  B lymphocytes
11:45 		Leo Wong (Göttingen) 	
			Phase Separation of SLP65 and CIN85 for B cell Receptor Signaling 
12:15		Timm Maier (Biozentrum, Basel) 
			The architecture of mTOR complex 1 – A Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-related kinase regulating growth and metabolism 
13:00		Lunch 
14:00		Sabin Prajapati (Göttingen) 	
			Structural and functional analyses of human PDH complex reveal more than multiple random coupling 
14:30		Loren Andreas (Göttingen) 	
			Protein structure by proton detected MAS NMR and DNP 
15:00		Peter Rehling (Göttingen) 
			Protein transport into mitochondria 
15:30		Coffee Break 
16:00		Sarah Köster (Göttingen) 
			Intermediate filaments - from assembly dynamics to filament mechanics 
16:30		Ashwin Chari (Göttingen) 	
			Every atom counts - The inhibition mechanism of proteasomes 
18:00		Speakers Dinner 

Saturday, June 10
 09:00		André Hoelz (CalTech Pasadena) 	
			The structure of the nuclear pore complex 
09:45		Edward Lemke (EMBL Heidelberg) 	
			Decoding Molecular Plasticity in the Dark Proteome 
10:30		Dirk Görlich (Göttingen) 	
			Cargo recognition by exportins 
11:00		Coffee Break 
11:30		Ralph Kehlenbach (Göttingen) 	
			CRM1-nucleoporin interactions: from structure to disease 
12:00		Ralf Ficner (Göttingen)  	
			Structural insights into the biogenesis of spliceosomal UsnRNPs 
12:30 		Lunch 




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